No Alternative

Written by Gila Zalon and based on the novel “Moloch” by Michael Diamond, No Alternative follows Police Chief Anthony DiMucci as he investigates the death of a holistic doctor. In his quest to find the murderer, he discovers a machine that is said to have cured sixteen terminal cancer patients. But his natural skepticism questions the truth of the story…until it saves his own wife from the ravages of the disease. Now a believer, his search is stymied by a powerful group of lobbyists who want to destroy the machine…and anyone who stands in their way. Inspired by the real-life story of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s machine, and the mysterious death of Dr. Richard Breitbarth, a holistic doctor, our movie weaves fantasy and fact into a political police drama that boggles the imagination.

Producers: Legal:
Gila Zalon
Maria Pusateri
Jules Zalon

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