Back Pocket Productions is an independent film production company working mostly in New Jersey. They have been in existence since 2002, when they produced their first short film, You Are My Sunshine. Since then they have produced one other short, Dream House, and two feature length narrative films, Split Ends and Should've Kissed.

Principal owner and producer, Gila Zalon, is also a screenwriter and actress. Producer Jules D. Zalon is an entertainment attorney.

Back Pocket is now in development on two more features, No Alternative and Fire Princess.

Producers: Legal:
Gila Zalon

Jules Zalon
Web Design:  
West of Orange Web Design  

Pandora's Box - 2012
You Are My Sunshine - 2002
Dream House - 2005
Split Ends - 2009
Should've Kissed - 2010

Currently In Pre-Production:
No Alternative
The Sublet
Fire Princess

For further information, please contact:
Gila Zalon

Tel: 973-951-1935
Fax: 973-547-9154